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“Execution with Excellence and   Precision"


 My name is Dr. Pakzad. I have practiced dentistry for 10 years and retired from the profession much sooner than most of my colleagues.  I should add, this retirement took place when I turned 40 years old this last summer.  In those ten years I did become a multimillionaire.   Not because I inherited the money or because I hit the lottery.  I used the income of dentistry to provide for my family and also built my wealth.  In 2009 when I graduated from OU college of dentistry, not only did I not have a dollar to my name, I owed about 1.5 million dollars to different financial institutions.  I hope you never have to go through those experiences.  In short, not the best part of my life.  But I knew even then, that financial freedom is everything.  My core belief has always been "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". 

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Our vision,


Unlike all other advisory firms out there, I have been in your place.  I am a dentist.  I understand what you are going through because I have done it.  I am not a CFP but a DDS.


If we accept you as our client, our mission is to turn you into a millionaire in the shortest amount of time.  Remember the goal should not be the money rather the freedom to choose how you want to live your life. 

our goal for you is to build an empire and leave a legacy for your kids and generations to come.

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My specialty is building financial freedom. It is to put you as a driver of your own future. i am not just talking the talk i have walked the walk twice. I  have done two  successful start ups from ground up and sold them both with record breaking sale prices.

in all these transactions , I have been my own appraiser, broker and negotiator . also Im the CEO and owner of 3 successful Realestate companies.


Im here to put you in charge of your own future.It is not just about the statistics but about the results .

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