My name is Dr. Pakzad. I have practiced dentistry for 10 years and retired from the profession much sooner than most of my colleagues.  I should add, this retirement took place when I turned 40 years old.In those ten years , I achieved financial freedom. very soon I noticed how many of my friends and friends of friends were reaching out to me with questions regarding their financial planning or location scouting, reading over their lease agreement and many more,    Not because I inherited the money or because I hit the lottery.  I used the income of dentistry to provide for my family and also built my wealth.  In 2009 when I graduated from OU college of dentistry, not only did I not have a dollar to my name, I owed about 1.5 million dollars to different financial institutions.  I hope you never have to go through those experiences.  In short, not the best part of my life.  But I knew even then, that financial freedom is everything.  My core belief has always been "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". 

At this point in my life, where my finances are in order, my choice of going to work or taking a month off for vacation with my family is all up to me.  The million dollar question is how did I accomplish this?  I can tell you it is not because I owned 5 offices or because I owned a multimillion dollar producing office.   From the first day that I opened my first office to the last day that I sold my office I understood the power of cash.  Simply my modo has been "make sure my money works much harder than I did for it".  I understood this concept, combined it with the income from my office and built my empire.  We all, in our noble profession, have the high income, so the secret is how to maximize your dental income and grow.  My way is by far more superior than any other advisor out there.  I have done it myself, not by running statistics, not by doing internet searches, not by talking about it on a podcast.  I simply have done it and mastered it.  They say if you want to buy a Lamborghini, don't ask someone that drives a Honda, how to do it.  



What makes me different and exceptionally unique is my real experiences.  As you may recall your first extraction in dental school, attending the class for tooth extraction is by far different than actually extracting the tooth.  You have to be a dentist to understand the following statement "it is not the amount of force you exert on the tooth, rather it is the angle of that force".


I would say that exact principal  can be applied to your financial freedom, your choice of working as a dentist because you love it or because you have to make your monthly payments.   Your choice of just putting up with your job unhappy (and sometimes miserable), because you have a family to support or doing what makes you excited about waking up every morning and being proud.   And in my books most importantly, your choice of just sending you kids to college or leaving them an empire. 

I am a success story not by doing research on a topic but actually by doing it and perfecting it.   In 2010, I started my first  start up from zero, built it, and sold it.  I should add I designed it, bought the right equipment, and got it off the ground.  In 2016 I started my second start up, and did the exact same thing, built it and sold it.  

I have literally done it all when it comes to our profession.  I have negotiated my own lease, building purchases,  looking for ideal locations and you know the list will go on.

I am local, my advisory office is located in McKinney.  I know our demographics and your challenges related to your unique practice.   I have been in the trenches just like you.  I have dealt with patient no shows or finding an employee.  I also have dealt with patient issues, employees, non paying insurance companies, landlords, vendors and you know this list will keep going.  

From 2010 I also stated 3 other company dealing with real estate.  I never hired a really estate agent.  I buy, sell, rent, and do all other aspect of real estate business.  Started small and applied the same core principal stated above regarding my dental practice.  

Life is short and will pass very quickly, I am here to tell you, the time for planning for that future is now, not tomorrow.






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