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Unlike all other advisory firms out there, I have been in your place.  I am a dentist.  I understand what you are going through because I have done it.  I am not a CFP but a DDS.

My strategy does not include you working harder, rather it simply makes your money work harder for you.  All my clients up to now have been able to save significantly which in return puts them on the path of financial freedom much much faster.  Their savings has by far outweigh my fees.   I genuinely believe, although your production matters, what matters more is how you spend or invest your income.  What I see in our industry is not lack of income, (trust me it is not about your patient conversion or how your front staff greets the patient), but rather lack of knowledge as to what to do with that income.  Our firm becomes your coach for your financial needs from buying a Sirona sensor to buying your business class ticket.  The easiest money you make is the one that you save.  I bought all my equipment brand new form both of my offices but unlike all my colleagues, I used my approach to buy these equipments for pennies on a dollar.  I did not buy online with no after sale services but from the same suppliers that we all know so well.  When it comes to negotiating your lease or to see if it is a good idea to buy and build.  I have personally done it all.  


If we accept you as our client, our mission is to turn you into a millionaire in the shortest amount of time.  Remember the goal should not be the money rather the freedom to choose how you want to live your life. 

our goal for you is to build an empire and leave a legacy for your kids and generations to come.

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Pakzad Advisory Group

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